website – 09/6/2015

Today on Twitter I learned about the existence of the Minecraft Educational Zone . ZEM (according to its acronym) is a new YouTube channel that aims to encourage the use of #Minecraft in schools. You can see this channel by clicking here Open in a new window . The author is @smdani Open in a new window (as he calls himself on Twitter), who in addition to being an educator, is also a rapper, hacker, blogger, computer engineer, and Marianist priest. Life has spread to him, without a doubt; D …

13TV – Program: Outskirts, Section: Social Networks

La Razón Newspaper – Section: Society – 11/2/2015

“Sminter”, “Masila” and “Cracken200” are the pseudonyms of three Madrid students who have posted a video on YouTube to show us the parts of a Catholic church through “Minecraft”, a simple game to build and destroy buildings and structures which is currently all the rage among teenagers. A little over a year ago, after the success achieved, the giant Microsoft decided to buy the company that had created the game for almost 2,000 million euros to develop, among other potentialities, its application to education. They are in it, although there are already examples around the world that show that it is possible to teach a subject with “Minecraft”. There is one in Japan: the one recognized as the best Primary school, Aiwa Elementary School. And also in Spain: the Amorós School,

EFE – Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsof, visits the Colegio Marianista Hermanos Amorós to learn about the Minecraft project. 

TVE2, Last Questions – Video Games in Education. Religion classes with Minecraft