The twinning takes place during the 2016-2017 Spanish academic year, although preparations began in March.

The pedagogical and social objectives to seek to achieve are:

Pedagogical and Social Objectives

Association Homes Light and Life

  • (1) bring children, young people and adolescents closer to the use of new information and communication technologies;
  • (2) enable social interaction with non-institutionalized external peers;
  • (3) promote socio-affective aspects such as cooperation, integration, friendship and teamwork;
  • (4) facilitate the acquisition of digital citizenship through the appropriation of new technologies;
  • (5) promote the social inclusion of the vulnerable population;
  • (6) improve teaching-learning processes and therefore academic performance-performance.

Marianist College Hermanos Amorós

  • (1) Develop a project that generates unity in the educational community, seeking to involve students of various educational stages: Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate, the Asociación Proyecto Ayuda, and families;
  • (2) reinforce the training of the seven basic competences of the LOMCE: linguistic, scientific, digital communication, learning to learn, civic, entrepreneurial and cultural;
  • (3) reinforce Christian formation in values ​​such as love of neighbor, respect, sacrifice, and work for justice and peace;
  • (4) promote socio-affective aspects such as cooperation, integration, friendship and teamwork;

 Stages of the project

Stage 0 – Preparations

Both realities, Colegio Amorós and Hogar Luz y Vida, together with Todos Somos Gamers, plan the strategy to follow in their respective places, this includes:

  • Create work teams
  • Determine the ages of the children who will participate directly in the twinning
  • Prepare audiovisual material and awareness-raising tutorials about the project and the diverse reality that they will know
  • Establish the educational framework in which it will be developed: times, subjects, project work, tutorials, solidarity campaigns …
  • Develop several training sessions on Minecraft for teachers, therapists and children who are directly involved in twinning

Stage 1 – Awareness and recognition

It is hoped that through some videoconference sessions (Skype) and previously recorded videos, children from both countries (in a group and in some cases, individually) introduce themselves, meet and dialogue for the first time. An asynchronous communication channel will also be established between peers: children and educators.

Stage 2 – Conception and planning of Ciudad Esperanza

The work teams will jointly plan the pedagogical strategies, the tasks, the schedule and the general characteristics of the Ciudad Esperanza (initial plan). They will have the opinions and appreciations of the educators and children of each institution. In parallel, the server, the map, the mods, permits and operator training will be prepared.

Stage 3 – Presentation of the idea Ciudad Esperanza and proposed activities

Educators and children in each country will be presented with, in their specific context, the plan of the city of Esperanza and in a general way, the tasks and the work schedule.

Stage 4 – First activities in Ciudad Esperanza

Here, activities will be developed (in game) (multiplayer) for the recognition and interaction of the participants, on the Ciudad Esperanza map.

Stage 5  – C onstruction

In this instance, the participants will develop group construction activities for Ciudad Esperanza, the recording of gameplays, and the audiovisual documentation of the progress (interviews, video blog, web).

Stage 6 – Dissemination

Progress will be published on social channels and websites: and; We hope to have the support of Colombian and Spanish YouTubers for the dissemination of the project. Press releases will also be made to inform the media.

Stage 8 – Face-to-face meeting

We value the possibility of closing the project with a face-to-face meeting between the two realities; these meetings would be accompanied by graphic reports that would allow educators and children to experience everything that happened closely.

Permanent stage – Registration / investigation and evaluation

Throughout the development of the project Todos Somos Gamers and Colegio Amorós will carry out the documentation, registration and evaluation of the process.

We trust that this twinning will open the doors to new educational and solidarity collaborations in the future.