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Aquí voy recopilando una lista de experiencias de uso de Minecraft en las aulas para que puedan servir de inspiración:

The Great Synagogue of Florence in Minecraft

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This is my project for the Judaism unit in my world religions class.
This took about 23 hours and was built by my two friends and I.
The scale is around 1 block in Minecraft : 87 cm in real life.

minecraft english lesson 1

Learn English with minecraft. Vocabulary in this first lesson: tree, chop, chop with , block of wood, pick up, block of wood, crafting table

Private video

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Minecraft in School – Student Work – Year 2

Here’s a video of our Minecraft in School Project students from our second year explaining some of the things they’ve been creating. The students in this club met for 45 minutes for a nine-week period. Most had no prior Minecraft experience. They p…

Ecology in Minecraft (School Project)

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Minecraft Road to Revolution – School Project

The reason for the American Revolution for a School Project

Sources –


Mods Used in the Making of this Video –
Minecraft Forge – http://files.minecraftforge.net/
Not Enough Items…

Private video

This video is private.

Minecraft: Great Fire Of London Video- School history project HD

To skip tour of the village go to 3:17 for the story/cinematic part
Dan- greatepicgaming
Church person- Kian
Did i mention we only had 10 days to do this. And on each of those days we couldnt work on it untill after school. I thin…

Como trabajar las ciencias sociales con Minecraft

En este video podréis os mostramos algunas ideas sobre el uso de Minecraft en la clase de ciencias sociales, sobre todo para enseñar modelos arquitectónicos.

Minecraft – Biology Cell Project (w/ map download)

Map download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8veyjmyo5saphr6/snebby.zip?dl=0

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The Purp…

Using Minecraft as an Educational Tool

Middle school students create their own 3D virtual worlds and learn lessons about communication, collaboration, and digital citizenship through the first-person sandbox-style game called Minecraft. More resources at: http://www.edutopia.org/made-with…

Uso de Minecraft en educación: testimonio del Prof. Bob Irving. Grupo 1 – Seminario 3 – MTE UBA 2015

Bob Irving es profesor de Computación en la escuela Porter-Gaud, en Carolina del Sur, EE.UU. Utiliza Minecraft para enseñar a programar. Este es su testimonio.

Ancient Rome: Minecraft

Video descriptivo sobre el escenario de Minecraft y Roma

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